Decision Effectiveness Quiz

Some decisions clearly stand out as important. But many organizations overlook a second category that can be equally significant: operating decisions that seem small but that are made and remade frequently and generate a lot of value over time. Most companies have a similar set of decisions made day in and day out by people close to the frontlines of the business.

These two short quizzes will help you understand the methodology used during the first assessment stage of a typical decision effectiveness study which includes (1) assessing the current level of decision effectiveness against our benchmark database of more than a 1000 companies and (2) identifying what is holding the organization back.

In this case there is only one data source – you. In a full-scale study we would typically gather data from a cross section of people within the organization and flesh out the survey data with further interviews or other deep-dive analyses. Still, the two quizzes will give you an indication of how a structured assessment of decision effectiveness might help.

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