How to Be a Career-Changing Mentor — 25 Tips From The Best Mentors We Know

First Round has learned plenty about what makes mentorship work — and what causes it to go sideways and has previously shared some of the lessons covering common concerns for mentors and mentees. Yet the question we’re asked most frequently these days is simple and earnest: How can I be a better mentor?

For us, this inquiry speaks to an eagerness to give back and a desire to make a real impact. Every mentor has experience and wisdom in spades — but it’s not always immediately clear how to most effectively share it. How do you know when to share your own perspective and when to listen? How do you plant the seed of trust, then tend that relationship over time?

To help out, we reached out to some of the most active and successful mentors to get their take on what good mentors do differently. The responses we got back were definitely shareworthy. What follows is our guide for stepping up your mentorship game, with 25 pieces of advice for being a better mentor sent to us by some of the best mentors we know.

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