Leadership Conversations: Challenging High-Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders

Whether you’re newly-promoted into your first management role, an established veteran of the C-suite, or somewhere between, your most powerful skill as a leader is the ability to hold effective conversations.

After a promotion to a management or leadership role, most people struggle with how to leave behind former priorities and mindsets. Leadership Conversations defines and distinguishes the very different mindsets of management and leadership, and how priorities must shift between them as you move up the corporate ladder. By clearly understanding a leader’s need to balance execution with vision, you will learn how to create connection and alignment with direct reports and across an organization.

Leadership Conversations details the four types of conversation every leader must effectively master, conversations that:

1. Build Relationships, mastering emotional intelligence, connecting with followers to align goals, and fostering a culture of transparency and honesty
2. Develop Others, driving long-term growth, mentoring and recognizing people, leading high-potential managers, and ultimately celebrating their successes
3. Make Decisions, integrating facts, developing solid judgment, stimulating innovation, and asking great questions that create alignment
4. Take Action, developing vision, allocating resources, and measuring performance, all while eliminating assumptions and drawing followers into unified action

Leadership Conversations includes tailored advice for leaders at every stage—from the first-time manager to the senior executive who converts vision into strategy—so that you can identify and perfect the core communication skills of your role. For managers of managers and executives in mentoring roles, the book offers concrete advice on how to hold conversations that develop leadership skills in others.
Rich with real-world examples and tactical guidance, Leadership Conversations is required reading for both high-achieving managers looking to make it to the next level, and leaders hoping to develop their people.

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