The Manager’s Guide to Inclusive Leadership — Small Habits That Make a Big Impact

Massella Dukuly, Tania Luna, Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu and Vanessa Tanicien of LifeLabs Learning stopped by First Round recently for a tactical discussion on why and how leaders can become more deliberately inclusive. Given the much-needed push for change that has been taking place in the tech industry, we thought we’d share our notes from this internal conversation with a wider audience here on the Review.

From the immediate need to hold space for Black employees right now and lead vulnerable discussions with your team, to the long-term behaviors that build a welcoming culture, the team at LifeLabs distills inclusive leadership into its four most essential habits. For each of these high-impact behaviors, Dukuly, Luna, Sandhu and Tanicien share the small tactics and key questions that improve interactions and decisions. Their advice serves as an excellent starting point for leaders who have a renewed motivation to show up and work toward enduring change — the kind that starts within.

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