It’s Not Our Fault – Usually

Fingers are being pointed at compensation consultants. “It’s your fault,” critics are charging. “You’re to blame for all the outrageous executive-pay packages.” But are they really responsible? After all, a board of directors must still approve their suggestions. Just how willing are compensation professionals to play the blame game? ATB asked a group of consultants to answer their critics.

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  1. the consultants:
    Frank Glassner, founder and CEO of Compensation Design Group
    Jeffrey Kanter, managing director of Frederic W. Cook & Co.
    Diane Lerner, senior compensation consultant at Watson Wyatt Worldwide
    Pearl Meyer, chairman of Pearl Meyer & Partners
    Richard Semler, co-managing director of Semler Brossy Consulting Group
    Deb Thobe, CEO of Thobe Group Inc.
    Matt Ward, chairman and CEO of WestWard Pay Strategies
    Fred Whittlesey, independent compensation consultant

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