Overcoming the Toughest Common Coaching Challenges

Great managers strive to do right by their employees — treat them well, motivate them to succeed, and provide the support and coaching each person needs. This is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to coaching. That’s because coaching takes time, skill, and careful planning. And there are certain types of people who may be particularly challenging for managers to coach. Think about the Eeyore on your team who is pessimistic at every turn, or the person who refuses your advice with a smile on his face. It’s not fair to you or to the employee to give up, so what do you do?

I spoke with Susan David, a founder of the Harvard/McLean Institute of Coaching and author of the HBR article “Emotional Agility” to get her insight on some of the more vexing coaching situations managers face and what to do about them.

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