The Ultimate Guide to Running Executive Meetings — 25 Tips from Top Startup Leaders

Great meetings don’t just happen, they’re meticulously crafted. At its best, an executive meeting strengthens the bonds of your leadership team, surfaces mission-critical problems facing the business, and carves out plans for the future. But as you wade into the executive meeting waters, there are waves that can toss you around.

The executive team’s time is worth a lot, so it’s a shame to waste it. Charting a less choppy course requires careful planning, with tons of prep work that often goes unnoticed.

spent the last few weeks reaching out to some of the sharpest startup leaders we know for their take on this question: What is your best piece of advice on running executive meetings? What follows is a list of can’t-miss frameworks, tips and tactical ideas, from the C-suite folks at top startups.

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