John Donahoe

Everything seems urgent and very little actually is. When I come back from a long trip and haven’t been current on my voicemail or email, I’m always struck by the fact that what seem like crises on Day One resolve themselves without any interaction from me.

Mark H. McCormack

It is the ability to delegate which, more than anything else, separates the good managers from the bad ones.

Delegation is the process of building up people, then letting go of a responsibility. It sounds easy, but it almost never is. Egos get in the way. People would rather be perceived as the authority than support the authority or expertise of the people who work … [ Read more ]

William McKnight

As our business grows, it becomes increasingly necessary to delegate responsibility and to encourage men and women to exercise their initiative. This requires considerable tolerance. …Mistakes will be made. But if a person is essentially right, the mistakes he or she makes are not as serious in the long run as the mistakes management will make if it undertakes to tell those in authority exactly … [ Read more ]

Bob Prosen

When you make a request of someone, take a little extra time to explain why you are making it. Put it in context and explain why it’s important to the goals of the business. Then the person can provide a more robust solution because she understands the purpose of the task and how the information will be used. Ask what the person needs to complete … [ Read more ]

Unknown / Bob Weir

If you want to come back to an empty inbox, take at least three weeks off. Your staff can hold anything for you for a week, important things for two weeks and nothing for three weeks. They have to handle it.