Benjamin Kessler

Big business has arguably become the most dominant force in many societies, subsuming the power of Church and State but not their responsibilities. As a result, the urgent human needs (for security, stability and spiritual nourishment) once met by those institutions must largely go begging.

Alexander Dyukov

We don’t hire consultants for solutions; we hire them for knowledge acquisition. We will find solutions ourselves.

Sarah Guo

A company is a great story told again and again, to recruits, investors, media, customers, and partners, until it’s real.

Eric Maskin

Humans are instinctively moral beings and I don’t see machines as ever entirely replacing those instincts. Computers are powerful complements to moral reasoning, not substitutes for it.

Giampaolo Garzarelli

We live in uncertain environments. Uncertainty derives in good measure from the limited cognition (dispersed and specific capabilities) of different economic actors. Consequently, knowledge differences lead to division of labor and to specialization throughout the economy. A firm is that entrepreneurial organ that utilizes such division of labor and specialization to achieve some more or less well-defined ends. As such, it is akin to a … [ Read more ]

Paul Freel

A business is a repeatable process that makes money. Everything else is a hobby.

Mukti Khaire

Commentary influences culture, which influences what we consume, which is influenced by what is actually out there in the market. If you can shift one of these elements you can actually create a new market.

Ian Livingston

The best advice I get is from CFOs and HR directors, because they’re people who have a view across the entire business.

Warren Buffet

If a business requires a superstar to produce great results, the business itself cannot be deemed great.

Marjorie Kelly

It has been clear since the days of Adolf Berle and Gardiner Means – who published their breakthrough book, The Modern Corporation and Private Property, in 1932 – that business ownership is often separated from its most vital element, control. These [for-benefit business] designs go further by concentrating control in a deliberately chosen group, selected as stewards of the firm’s living mission. Ownership shares can … [ Read more ]

Mark Penn

The Information Age has spawned many new professions, but blogging could well be the one with the most profound effect on our culture. If journalists were the Fourth Estate, bloggers are becoming the Fifth Estate.

All this fits with the trend toward Opinion TV. Less and less of our information flow is devoted to gathering facts, and more and more is going toward popularizing opinion. Twenty-four-hour … [ Read more ]

Gary Hamel

Most companies strive to maximize shareholder wealth—a goal that is inadequate in many respects. As an emotional catalyst, wealth maximization lacks the power to fully mobilize human energies. It’s an insufficient defense when people question the legitimacy of corporate power. And it’s not specific or compelling enough to spur renewal.

Diana McLain Smith

Much quantitative data—what we now think of as hard, concrete facts—are really quite soft and abstract.

Think about it. We come up with a question—say, how’s morale? We create abstract categories related to that question, categories like trust, confidence, or autonomy; we use these categories to formulate statements in some kind of survey; we give the survey to lots of people; we ask them to … [ Read more ]

Edith Wharton

There are only two ways of spreading light—to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Margaret Wheatley

A society whose practices are premised only on economic growth is going to self-destruct, because materialism, if left unchecked, destroys the best aspects of being human and brings out our baser qualities.

Marc Andreessen

There is no such thing as a “space”.

There is such a thing as a market — that’s a group of people who will directly or indirectly pay money for something.

There is such a thing as a product — that’s an offering of a new kind of good or service that is brought to a market.

There is such a thing as a company — that’s an … [ Read more ]

Philip Kotler

Good companies will meet needs; great companies will create markets.

Howard Gardner

If you are not prepared to resign or be fired for what you believe in, then you are not a worker, let alone a professional. You are a slave.

Howard Gardner

Business is not-nor has it ever been-a profession. Professions develop over long periods of time and gradually establish a set of control mechanisms and sanctions for those who violate the code. True professionals, from doctors and lawyers to engineers and architects, undergo extensive training and earn a license. If they do not act according to recognized standards, they can be expelled from their professional guild…But … [ Read more ]

John Kay

The principle of obliquity…says that some objectives are best pursued indirectly. We are all familiar with one application of the principle of obliquity. While Americans, characteristically, talk of the pursuit of happiness, happiness is rarely best achieved when it is pursued. Research in social psychology confirms our intuition and experience. Happy people are not, in the main, those who selfishly promote their own interests: in … [ Read more ]