Charles Handy

Business schools teach you the language of business, and that’s quite useful. It’s like if you want to go to work in France you have to learn French. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be very good in France, but it’s good to learn the language. I think that what business schools do is to teach you the language of business and some managerial skills, … [ Read more ]

Jeffrey Garten

When it comes to business education, for better or worse — and I think for worse — business schools are followers, not leaders. Typically, business schools hold their finger up to the wind and ask, What do our customers want? They have two kinds of customers. One is the people who are doing the hiring, and the other is the students. I happen to think … [ Read more ]

Jeffrey Garten

Over the last fifteen years there have been a lot of ratings of business schools, and these ratings are very akin to customer-satisfaction ratings. You’re basically asking the students, How good was the experience? That presumes that the students know what it is that they should be learning, or whether the environment in a particular school is better than another school that they never attended. … [ Read more ]

Henry Mintzberg

Full-time MBA programs by their nature attract many of the wrong people–too impatient and analytical, with little experience in management itself. These may be fine traits for students, but they can be tragically ill-suited for managers.

Conventional MBA programs then compound the error by giving the wrong impression of management: that managers are important people disconnected from the daily work of making products and producing services; … [ Read more ]