Personality Tests Can Help Balance a Team

We are the most social species on earth — but also inherently selfish. Darwinian theories of organizational behavior highlight the fundamental tension between “getting ahead” and “getting along” in the workplace. Resolving that tension involves balancing individuals’ agendas and the goals of the group. To do that, it’s critical to select the right team members — people who are likely to gel, particularly when the pressure is on.

A number of organizations are using personality profiling to build their teams. The science behind personality assessment has advanced well beyond the Myers-Briggs, a relatively poor and discredited psychological tool. Rigorous assessment tools reliably predict real-world behaviors and desirable business outcomes. Importantly, assessment tools can be used to profile not just individual team members but also entire groups — and they can indicate whether the group is likely to bond or fracture by examining qualities that predict both success and failure.

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