The Emotionally Intelligent Manager: How to Develop and Use the Four Emotional Skills of Leadership

According to Yale management psychologists David Caruso and Peter Salovey, we should discard antiquated notions such as that decisions should be made with pure logic and cold rationality. Instead, in The Emotionally Intelligent Manager: How to Develop And Use The Four Emotional Skills of Leadership, the authors argue that emotion and thinking are so intertwined that it is unproductive to consider them separately. This concept is particularly meaningful for managers and leaders whose function is to create a shared vision, motivate others, and support workers. Complementing the work of psychologists Richard Boyatzis and Daniel Goleman that focuses on the relationship between managerial competencies and emotional intelligence, the authors emphasize that successful managers are able to integrate feelings and thinking by mastering the skills of identifying, using, understanding, and managing emotions. [HBS Working Knowledge Annotation]

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